Try our homemade syrups!
Make your own combination by choosing up to three (3) flavors.

*background color indicates syrup color

Banana Bubble Gum
Cherry Coconut Cotton Candy
Grape (Sour) Green Apple
Green Tea Guava Honeydew Melon
Lemon Lemonade Li Hing Mui
Lilikoi Lime
Lychee Mango Melona
Mizore Orange Papaya
Pickled Mango Pina Colada Pineapple
Raspberry Root Beer Strawberry
Vanilla Watermelon
White Cake             
Banana Cream Coconut Cream Strawberry Cream
*cream flavors have condensed milk pre-mixed into the syrup
Sugar-Free Banana Sugar-Free Strawberry Sugar-Free Vanilla
*sugar-free flavors are made with Splenda




Rainbow – strawberry, lemon and pineapple


Matsumoto – lemon, pineapple and coconut


Hawaiian – pineapple, coconut and banana


Tropical – guava, papaya and lilikoi



Ichiban Special – Shave Ice with your choice of 1 flavor, drizzled with condensed milk,
then topped with a scoop of ice cream, azuki beans and mochi balls. Served in a edible waffle tray.



For a different twist, add vanilla ice cream and/or azuki beans to your shave ice.

shaveiceIC                                shaveiceBN                                shaveiceIB


What are azuki beans?
“Azuki Beans” or red beans are popular in Asia. They are boiled in water and sugar until soften.

What?! Azuki beans in my shave ice?
Azuki beans are commonly used in desserts in Japan. The sweet beans are placed in the bottom of our shave ice.

Really?! Ice cream and beans?
The creaminess of the vanilla ice cream compliments the sweetness of the azuki beans.

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